Today in the menu we have a dish presented by Blue Wizard Digital, this is one of the kinds of online first-person shooting games with just mind-blowing thrill, action-filled gameplay, and other cool features as well which we will discuss further in the article. Honestly, I have played it a couple of minutes ago, I am still under impressions from Merc Zone and wanted to share it with you, everything at this point is spontaneous and not planned at all.

This is a shooting game where you have the opportunity to select various different weapons, various equipment, other gear, etc. Apart from weapons game is also rich in terms of modes which you can play, there are a couple of modes and each features unique gameplay as well as objective. by the way this is a multiplayer game, meaning you will have other people as your opponents, as you know playing with people is really entertaining and fun and brings more challenge to the game.

I have mentioned that there are various modes in the game, here are the main ones: free for all, team and last marc standing. You may also select the server, pick the one that is near to your location in order to have a good ping. There are two options after selecting mode and server – you can either join an already existing game or you can create your own and invite people in, if you have a good internet connection host your own game.

All good shooting games have the opportunity to offer you an option to change the outlook of your character, well guess what, Merc Zone is no different. What can you edit in the game, literally everything! You can change character, you can change the color of every weapon as well as skins for them, you can change accessories, hats, colors, etc. There are some rare skins as well that look just fascinating, but they are hard to unlock, that is another challenge for you to overcome and enjoy.

If you are looking for exclusive skins visit the store on the main menu of the game, there you can find some fantastic gear for a low price and attract the attention of other players with your fancy clothes.

Profile and statistics
Wanna see your statistics? Your K/D ratio? Other stats that show your gaming skills? Visit the main menu of the game and hit that profile button, you will find all the data there.

If you are a fan of watching gaming streams I am happy to notify you that game has this specific feature as well, as always in the main menu we have a button to watch streams.

Log in or not to log in
Log in, trust me on this one, it has so many bonuses compared to an unregistered account, you will get daily bonuses, challenges, rewards, you will be able to save your current gaming progress and do other cool stuff that unregistered accounts have no access to. The signup process is extremely simple and won’t take a lot of time so there is no reason for you to play with a visitor account.

This one is located at the right top side of the game window, you can change a lot of parameters from there to make the gaming experience more comfortable and personalized for you. Controls of the game, options, sounds, optimization, graphics, etc. Everything is there.

Mobile gaming included
Apart from all of the listed cool features above Merc Zone can offer you the opportunity to enjoy it from your phone as well. Just visit our blog from your device and join the fun.

Video guide
The game does have a streaming service on the main menu, but we still have decided to present you with one of the best gameplay videos from YouTube. It will give you some ideas about what kind of game it is and how to play it. Take a look and you will learn a lot of interesting aspects of this FPS game.

This is some next-level thrilling game with tons of features and options, it can offer various weapons, tons of different equipment, amazing maps, skins, etc. You will hardly ever see a browser game that can offer so much yet here we are with Merc Zone. Just scroll up, hit that play button, and see everything yourself, word won’t describe how crazy and mind-blowing this shooting game actually is, with so much adrenaline, action, and thrill…